The bCore

We are experts in mixing realities and conjuring up games. Improving real life by adding computer generated content to it. Thanks to us, the boundary between the offline and the online world is fading out.

Chief Executive Officer – Software engineer

Hologram from another reality, tech-freak on a pixel diet to keep him in this dimension.Welcome to the merged realities, I’ll be your guide.

Chief Commercial Officer – Business architect

Augmented reality evangelist living in the holographic future. Having strong background in eCommerce, eMarketing and Chinese online world he is ready for any business challange.

Project Manager

Gamer, fontfreak and creative soul hungry for unusual ideas. Enjoy working on interactive projects like video games and mobile applications.


The bTeam

Coders, developers and designers providing you with cutting-edge opportunities to promote better and sell more…





In Bravasoft we have highest competence in Unity Engine, Unreal Engine 4 – 2D/3D games; from Aurasma to Zappar – augmented reality, virtual reality applications and mobile applications. Thanks to our technical abilities we can successfully provide you with a range of creative solutions in various industries, such as motor industry, health care, education, tourism, entertainment, real estate industry, horeca and all sorts of retail including shopping centres. We provide our services to marketing and advertising agencies, interactive agencies and software houses.

We guarantee a holistic preparation of applications and games, starting with a concept, production and tests, and ending with support in their use for PR and marketing purposes.